Why The Losers are Unpopular

We have this luncheon at work were people hate attending, and no one but my supervisor cares about. She went down the list where people RSVP’ed “No” and asked why they weren’t coming. She was upset that we had a guestlist of about 30 people, instead of 100. 

Instead of taking the time to reflect on why people aren’t coming, how about she takes the time to actually complete her work, which has been backlogged for about a few months. My supervisor uses these luncheons as an opportunity to talk about herself. Seriously, she spends the whole 2 hours speaking about herself, and then wonders why we have to follow up like losers and beg people to come to our luncheons. Sorry old white lady (or unladylike person), but no one cares. People around her don’t care, that is why she is lonely, and spends time at the office to avoid the reality of her miserable life. 


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