Black to Blame

What’s aggravating lately are the Ferguson protest… it makes me wonder why certain races are always quick to defend their own kind despite overwhelming criminal proof.

I think bias and stupidity occurs in all color, shapes, and sizes. Going back to what this blog is about, it’s about my dead end job. People look at my resume and scoff because I work at a non-profit, which makes me hard to hire. But I should be thankful for a dead end job.

My supervisor is an old, wrinkly, dumb blonde. The receptionist we have is an angry black women. Luckily these ungraceful women have personalities to clash with each other…sometimes. The angry black women, who is lazy as well, passes a phone slip to my supervisor…and she passes the buck to everyone. My supervisor has me walk the phone slip back to the receptionist with a message, which I relayed to her. Then the receptionist comes back and asks my supervisor something, which I already relayed the message, but the receptionist said I didn’t. I wanted to punch and kick her. She is black, poor, and miserable, the justice system would have been against her anyways.

Another annoying thing that my supervisor does (well she is annoying everyday which is why her husband left her) is that she writes a post it note telling me to make a phone call in addition to a script. In the time that she wrote the note, she could of have made the phone call herself. I ignored the first request because I was busy, then she writes on the post it notes that she needs the call done ASAP. Then do it yourself you wrinkly dumb blonde. Well, being that she is miserable and everyone around her has left, she can spend her pathetic Thanksgiving herself.

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We Fooled the Government

Today my supervisor needed me to help her (and then she got distracted considering her mental health and ADHD issues) because she basically fooled the government. There are caseloads of confidential information from March, April, May, and June that were not “finalized”, but she managed to make it look like she completed the work. 

So what are the consequences if I rat her out? Management is always buddy buddy with each other, and sadly, management is incompetent. 


Why The Losers are Unpopular

We have this luncheon at work were people hate attending, and no one but my supervisor cares about. She went down the list where people RSVP’ed “No” and asked why they weren’t coming. She was upset that we had a guestlist of about 30 people, instead of 100. 

Instead of taking the time to reflect on why people aren’t coming, how about she takes the time to actually complete her work, which has been backlogged for about a few months. My supervisor uses these luncheons as an opportunity to talk about herself. Seriously, she spends the whole 2 hours speaking about herself, and then wonders why we have to follow up like losers and beg people to come to our luncheons. Sorry old white lady (or unladylike person), but no one cares. People around her don’t care, that is why she is lonely, and spends time at the office to avoid the reality of her miserable life.