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We Fooled the Government

Today my supervisor needed me to help her (and then she got distracted considering her mental health and ADHD issues) because she basically fooled the government. There are caseloads of confidential information from March, April, May, and June that were not “finalized”, but she managed to make it look like she completed the work. 

So what are the consequences if I rat her out? Management is always buddy buddy with each other, and sadly, management is incompetent. 


Stressing (Stepping) Down

My supervisor gives me a load of her work, and her reasoning behind this is that “the workload is too stressful”. All the work really entailed was making a few phone calls, connecting the dots with those phone calls and scheduling appointments. This position she holds is too stressful for her, to the point where her office is extremely messy and she lacks time management skills. If her work is supposedly too stressful, she should consider stepping down. It is her job to do her own work.  Being that she is extremely lonely, and spends nights at the office (I am talking about not leaving until midnight), stepping down would be a blow to her identity and ego. A co-worker pointed out that she walks around the office thinking she is some upper class person, when she isn’t (look at the car she drives, and the same clothes that she wears every day). 

Now imagine the president of the United States handing his duties to others because it was too stressful for him. Now this is why our company fails at everything and has a high turn over. 


Why The Losers are Unpopular

We have this luncheon at work were people hate attending, and no one but my supervisor cares about. She went down the list where people RSVP’ed “No” and asked why they weren’t coming. She was upset that we had a guestlist of about 30 people, instead of 100. 

Instead of taking the time to reflect on why people aren’t coming, how about she takes the time to actually complete her work, which has been backlogged for about a few months. My supervisor uses these luncheons as an opportunity to talk about herself. Seriously, she spends the whole 2 hours speaking about herself, and then wonders why we have to follow up like losers and beg people to come to our luncheons. Sorry old white lady (or unladylike person), but no one cares. People around her don’t care, that is why she is lonely, and spends time at the office to avoid the reality of her miserable life. 


Work Hard, Break Harder

My supervisor has been in trouble a few times for not allowing meal breaks or a 10 minute break in general. She keep explaining to me about the tasks that I was going to complete. You know, the tasks that are so easy that she can do it herself but she chooses not to? Since I was overdue for a short 10 minute break, I told her I needed to go on break. She continues to explain the task to me, and I repeated myself that I needed to go on break. She screams that she heard me the first time. Ok, so you if heard me the first time, then don’t continue to talk to me about work. No wonder her husband left her. And no wonder people at my job hate her. 

Well, time to go file a complaint with the government so she can get a notice in the mail for violating meal breaks…again! 

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The Owner’s Pet

I worked for an owner of an extremely small company a few years back. On the first day of the job, she had me sign a lunch waiver form, so I had days where I worked a whole 8 hours (or more) without a full lunch break. She was also extremely cheap. There was only a staff of 4, and she never gave us health insurance, but stated she provides “disability insurance” just in case we get injured. This was all on minimum wage salary.

We were also her dog watcher, which was not part of my job description. No where in her job posted did she say “must be comfortable with animals”. One day, her dog urinated all over the kitchen, and when I informed her, the response was “SO WHAT, THEN CLEAN UP THE MESS”. Then she proceeds to tell me I don’t have a good work ethic before I didn’t clean up her dogs mess on the spot.

Am I in the wrong?