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Tag Your Instructions

So I noticed a lot of blogs and sites ranting about their work and the politics that come with it. You always hear that employers are spying on social media accounts of their own employees. That is why I’ll never log onto this blog while at work. It’ll give evidence that I badmouth my job off duty. Plus my supervisor is nosy enough to read everything, even if nothing is positive. Therefore, I plan to limit my posts to 5 on a blog. The older entries will just be deleted.

So I wanted to revisit the fact that my supervisor has crappy work ethics. After I completed the assignments she has given me, she will realize that she forgot one thing. What she does afterwards is that she writes a post it note AFTER I completed the assignment. Then she will tell me that I didn’t follow the directions on the post it note. It wasn’t there before. Please you dumb old miserable cow, just own up to the fact that you forgot one thing and stop making others accountable for YOUR mistakes.