Stressing (Stepping) Down

My supervisor gives me a load of her work, and her reasoning behind this is that “the workload is too stressful”. All the work really entailed was making a few phone calls, connecting the dots with those phone calls and scheduling appointments. This position she holds is too stressful for her, to the point where her office is extremely messy and she lacks time management skills. If her work is supposedly too stressful, she should consider stepping down. It is her job to do her own work.  Being that she is extremely lonely, and spends nights at the office (I am talking about not leaving until midnight), stepping down would be a blow to her identity and ego. A co-worker pointed out that she walks around the office thinking she is some upper class person, when she isn’t (look at the car she drives, and the same clothes that she wears every day). 

Now imagine the president of the United States handing his duties to others because it was too stressful for him. Now this is why our company fails at everything and has a high turn over. 

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The Wonderful Absence

So my supervisor has been absent for a week, and the office isn’t falling apart at all. In fact, people are extremely happy because we can be productive, efficient, and get work done in a timely fashion. That is probably why my supervisor won’t retire at all, she knows the secret. The secret is that she doesn’t do anything, and if she leaves, it is not like the company will suffer. In fact, we will probably thrive.

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Tag Your Instructions

So I noticed a lot of blogs and sites ranting about their work and the politics that come with it. You always hear that employers are spying on social media accounts of their own employees. That is why I’ll never log onto this blog while at work. It’ll give evidence that I badmouth my job off duty. Plus my supervisor is nosy enough to read everything, even if nothing is positive. Therefore, I plan to limit my posts to 5 on a blog. The older entries will just be deleted.

So I wanted to revisit the fact that my supervisor has crappy work ethics. After I completed the assignments she has given me, she will realize that she forgot one thing. What she does afterwards is that she writes a post it note AFTER I completed the assignment. Then she will tell me that I didn’t follow the directions on the post it note. It wasn’t there before. Please you dumb old miserable cow, just own up to the fact that you forgot one thing and stop making others accountable for YOUR mistakes.


Bad Bad Work Ethics

So my supervisor seriously delegates all her responsibilities to me, so she doesn’t hold herself accountable if something goes wrong. I noticed that within the older generation that I’ve worked with. And they bash us younger generation for lack of appreciation for our jobs, but from observation, I find that we work much harder to prove ourselves. There’s a woman I worked with, who would pass on all her difficult cases to other staff. Her age is early 40s. Someone would walk away from their desk, and she takes her challenging cases, and puts it on that persons desk while they’re gone. Same goes for my supervisor. She’ll have me make calls to Directors, Investors, etc, because she doesn’t want to bear the responsibility herself. Fortunately for me, the important people like me because I’m not a problem.

Another thing that my supervisor did is that she sent an email to upper management stating that work is done, while I was in the process of doing data entry, and the truth is it wasn’t done. An employee that she copied an email to informed me about this. So I forwarded the email that she received from my supervisor, to her SUPERVISOR, and stated that work was never done in the first place, but I’m working on it, and it’ll be completed by deadline. My supervisor saw that, and she tells me to next time don’t send any emails to her supervisor, let her do it. 

So are all old white women this unethical and lazy?? 

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The Owner’s Pet

I worked for an owner of an extremely small company a few years back. On the first day of the job, she had me sign a lunch waiver form, so I had days where I worked a whole 8 hours (or more) without a full lunch break. She was also extremely cheap. There was only a staff of 4, and she never gave us health insurance, but stated she provides “disability insurance” just in case we get injured. This was all on minimum wage salary.

We were also her dog watcher, which was not part of my job description. No where in her job posted did she say “must be comfortable with animals”. One day, her dog urinated all over the kitchen, and when I informed her, the response was “SO WHAT, THEN CLEAN UP THE MESS”. Then she proceeds to tell me I don’t have a good work ethic before I didn’t clean up her dogs mess on the spot.

Am I in the wrong?